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Male: Tercel or Tiercel
Female: Falcon, Hen
Young: Eyas (chick); brancher (pre-fledgling)
Range: Found on every continent except Antarctica and on most large oceanic islands. Three subspecies in North America:
Habitat: Cliffs and mountain crags; also in urban areas on ledges of buildings. Almost always found near water.
Diet: Small to medium sized birds, insects and bats
Avg. Size: Wingspread: 39-45 inches (1-1.1 m) Weight: males, 24-30 ounces (700-850 g); females, 38-53 ounces (1,100-1,500 g)
Reproduction: 32-36 days (clutch of 4-6 eggs); fledge at 40-45 days
Avg. Life Span: Average of 6-8 years, but may live up to 18-22 years.
Behavior: Occupy abandoned high nest sites the following breeding season because of their inability to construct a nest. Takes prey in flight.
Interesting Facts:
Can sustain speeds of 65-68 mph and 99-273 mph in a stoop (dive) initiated several hundred feet above their quarry. Females are larger than males.

Status: Subspecies anatum endangered; subspecies tundra threatened (USFWS).

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