Lord Ginger Gingivere (lord_ginger) wrote in animal_facts,
Lord Ginger Gingivere

cat facts!

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I like your diagram. Of course, they didn't show the full circle of life, but that might scare the kittens.

I want to live forever! Mommy says it probably won't happen, but how does she know?!
My mommy says that I'm such a healthy cat I can live 100 years!
That would be cool. Go for it! I hope that you live a 100 human years, too! ♥
I heard that turtles live for 200 years!
Wow, that's a long time. I wonder if they get bored just swimming all the time. I mean, they don't even get to watch t.v. or play on the computer.
Ye, just swimming is boring!
Plus, I hate water, so I really wouldn't want to be a turtle, tee-hee.
Plus, cats in Furcadia can have wings! umm, ok.